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Product Description

The Wineskin is a soft canteen designed to carry liquids, especially wine, in the great outdoors and across long distances.

They have been used by various cultures and civilizations for centuries and have an especially long history in Spain.

Use your wineskin to carry up to 1 litres of wine, water, or any liquid of your choosing to parks, concerts, festivals, the beach, hiking, on a boat, or camping.

It's lighter than cans and bottles and comes with a red braided shoulder strap that makes it easy to take with your wherever you go.

When the bag is empty, it packs flat for easy storage.

What's more, this Leather Wineskin features a plastic nozzle to easily share its contents without putting your mouth on the opening.

Growing hugely popular at festivals and open events the Wineskin is a great way to get your brand or slogan noticed and the biggest social events of the year!

Key Features

  • Large 1 litre capacity
  • Made from soft leather
  • Perfect for the beach, festivals, hiking and camping
  • Product size H167 x W30mm


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Item Size:

H167 x W30mm

Print Areas

Front - 60 x 80mm - Tampo
Back - 60 x 80mm - Tampo

Packing Details

Inner Carton:


Pieces to Outer Carton:


Outer Carton Details:

39 x 28 x 57cm (11.50kgs)